Rotobox Parallel Works: Kaneda's Robot Prototype (Akira) by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica

We've posted WIPs of this custom-Celsius build not too long ago, but that could not prepare us for the awesomeness of this magnificent AKIRA-themed custom from Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica! Featuring a Celsius as Kaneda's bike/robot, and a C.I.Boy as Kaneda the rider, this is truly one for the ages, IMHO.

"It's called Rotobox Parallel Works, the concept of this series is that we do our version of a certain character, like a parallel universe, in this case, in Akira, Kaneda has a bike, and in our parallel works series, we did a robot :) but we still based the concept on kaneda's bike. The poster that we did is based on the poster of kaneda walking straight to his bike." ~says Spencer Ong of Rotobox.

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