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AKIRA in Neo-Tokyo 2020: Online Art Exhibition by The Unusual Network

An interactive online exhibition that transports the visitor to an industrial complex set in 2020 NEO-Tokyo (Suitably barren of people, social distancing POV your browser-clicks) has since been launched online via . The virtual gallery setting enables the user to browse a 3D art exhibition dedicated to the iconic 1988 Japanese animated post-apocalyptic cyberpunk film "Akira". The 13 participating artists are: @arcadiainmayhem / @ashrafomar__ / @yanandjun / @clogtwo / @efoe / @humanoise / @acidosivan / @didierjabamathieu / @utfiaufar / @mojokoworld / @supercybertown / @shiaaaan / @siddwills . (Above artwork by Acidos Ivan @acidosivan ) (Above artwork by Clogtwo @clogtwo ) (Above artwork by Mojoko @mojokoworld ) Artwork on show are available to purchase, via clicking at red dots seen in the online gallery exhibition, which will open up a purchasing window (Credit or Debit payment only, no Paypal, it seems), which I would

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